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Recent Gardens

Large Howth Garden

We've been working and developing this large garden for over 12 years. You can see earlier photos here. 

This garden has contrasting areas, from a large rock face, to a shadowy woodland area and everything in between. This has provided a wonderful opportunity to choose plants suitable a wide variety of environments. 

Since creating the garden, it has encouraged a variety of wildlife into the garden, such as frogs, herons, foxes and pheasants, not forgetting a beautiful array of small wild birds.

Please have a look at the most recent photos.

The Garden House Garden

The focus of this garden in Howth is the garden house which can be found at the top of the terraced garden area. 

We integrated the house into the landscape and constructed steps, railings and a decking area for it. 

The view from this garden house of Ireland's and Howth Bay are stunning, but we wanted the view of the garden to be equally stunning and we brought in a range of suitable plants to give visual interest in the borders around the wooden structure. 

In this slideshow you can see some before, in-progress and after shots of its installation. 

This garden house part of the garden and the terrace areas are an ongoing planting project. We will be adding further plants with colour and texture to further enhance it. 

Front Garden Project

This is an example of a garden where we included 'hard landscaping', using limestone paving, along with a pebble driveway, both chosen for their warm colour tone. 

The borders around the driveway and lawn were planted with ground cover plants, small trees and shrubs, to provide visual interest at various eye levels. 

As the smaller plants mature, they will spread out and tumble out onto the driveway to soften the area of hard landscaping. 

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