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This is a very large garden we have been maintaining and developing for the last ten years. During this time along with general weekly maintenance we have also worked on developing different areas around the garden.

One of these projects is the 'WildlifePond'. There was an area in the lawn which was always flooded so we dug out the ground and created a pond. We also created a waterfall on the rockface. It is a couple of year since its creation and it is maturing nicely. We built a raised seating area at the back behind the pond which is a peaceful place to sit.

We cleared away overgrown hedges on either side of the path going down to the lawn and replaced them with a Herbaceous Border.

There are also vegetable beds and many many plants.


This garden is situated in Howth with a beautiful view of Irelands Eye and Lambay Islands. Together with the clients we came up with a design suitable for their needs that also made the most of the view.

We paved the steep driveway, carrying the paving along the side of the house through to the back garden and terrace. The terrace was surrounded by glass and stainless steel fencing. Solid sandstone spheres were used at the end of the steep drive both for aesthetics and safety. Planting in this garden was kept to a minimum, we used mainly alpines, a tree fern and climbers along the side passage.

Ramleh Park, Milltown

A few years ago we worked on the garden of these clients. When they decided to sell up and move to this new house they contacted us again to design and construct their new garden, front and back.

They wanted a low maintenance garden and a lawn out the back. Together we chose to use gold granite slabs for the path and steps with gold pebbles, these give a garden a bright and warm feeling even when wet and dull.

To keep maintenance at a minimum we planted the whole border, without any lawn in front, using a small pallet of colour. 

The back garden is simple with plenty of lawn space, raised flower beds and paving around the house with a small patio at the end of the garden to catch the last rays of the evening sun.

Twice a year we maintain this garden.

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