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Gardens Ireland and Chelsea Flower Show

Bayside, Sutton

Small residential back garden which we maintain in Bayside. It is mostly a container garden with a small fish pond. The pots allow for seasonal colour, ie; spring bulbs and summer flowering plants. This kind of garden is easy to maintain perhaps for people with busy lifestyles. Watering is the key factor.

Stillorgan Road

This long back garden was overgrown and neglected. Once we started clearing, we noticed that there were some lovely plants, shrubs and quite a few bulbs growing within the garden. So we lifted and saved plants for replanting later. Their garden needed a lot of pruning and dead trees needed to be removed.

Our client wanted us to incorporate a putting green. A new shed was also required and a pathway meandering down the garden to the new decking area. We managed to retain a natural look about the garden as we kept quite a few mature trees and planted more shrubs and flowers. Large bamboos were used as a screen at the back of the garden for privacy.

We also redesigned the front garden allowing plenty of room for three cars. Large tree stumps were removed and a new pebble driveway put in place. Two flower beds edged with Buxus Sempervirens were placed slightly staggered on either side of the front door.

Chelsea Flower Show 2012

In 2012 we went to Chelsea Flower Show to help Diarmuid Gavin build his show garden. We worked for three weeks with a wonderful team of people and the garden achieved a silver-gilt award and also most creative garden in show.

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